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Matthew Searle Advanced pt (DHP)

Advanced Personal Trainer. Solution Focused slide10Therapist. Psychotherapist

A bit about my background, my business, my staff and my skill set.

I found my passion for a healthy lifestyle when I took up boxing; I soon realised that ‘A fitness lifestyle is indeed life changing’ since then I have never looked back and I feel great for it!

I am a trained, certified Personal Trainer – I passed my ISSA National Institute of Sports Sciences Association qualification in 1994.

The challenge of adapting my training style to suit those who come to me for help keeps me on my toes, and the achievements of those I train keeps me highly motivated.

I have continued to keep up-to-date with a variation of training styles so that I can bring my clients variety, and incorporate a wide choice of styles that simply bring results faster.

However, it did become apparent to me that some of my clients might eat a slice of cake or a naughty take away at the weekend, this would be followed by regret, this was not something we could solve through additional qualifications such as boxing, kettlebells, trx suspension training etc.. But through Psychotherapy.

I added Hypnotherapy to my qualifications. Now we come on in Leaps & Bounds as we take care of mind body & soul.

Simply put, hypnotherapy enables us to do exactly what it is we choose to do.

If your looking to get fit, lose weight, bulk up, cure a fear of spiders, relax, quit smoking, sleep… the list goes on.

I do have the tools to help, we can make a change.

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