Comp prep by combining Personal Training with Hypnotherapy.

photo nat

Imagination is a fantastic tool for positive transformation.

Through hypnosis we insert your intention deep into your subconscious, the job of your subconscious is to turn your every intention into reality. When you solidify your intent 100% then all of you is on board, success is now inevitable!

Hypnotherapy installs confidence, self esteem, determination, focus, all of your internal resources are enhanced and utilised.

Combine the elements. Release serotonin through Personal Training, sculpt the physique to perfection, body and mind working together for fine detailing. Dopamine is released as the hairs on your arms stand up! head held high.. “deep breath” An overwhelming sense of pride! ….. Stepping on stage becomes a reality.

Do All you can do to be the very best you can be!!

Hypno works!!