Dont even know where to start with Matt but he has literally changed my life! I smoked for around 12 years between 20/30 a day tried many different ways of trying to quit but motivation or willpower was never my strong point. Until I had hypnotherapy with Matt he literally changed my way of thinking… I am now 5 weeks smoke free and I will NEVER go back to being a smoker. As a result of giving up I tunneled my vision into training instead and now train with Matt once a week after never exercising previously I am really feeling a massive difference. Im going to have hypno for healthy eating because I struggle with my diet and I know once ive conquered that ill be on a much better path to reaching my goal.. “being comfortable in my own skin!” My children will also benefit from these achievements because their mum doesnt smoke anymore and may actually be able to run around with them and be a mum they can be proud of! So thank you Matt I owe you an awful lot