Gastric band hypnotherapy

Gastric band hypnotherapy is a totally natural way to program the subconscious for fantastic results. No need to go under the knife. Our subconscious reacts to our imagination. Utilise your imagination as a fantastic tool for positive transformation.

i.e. imagine a its a hot summers day and you have been working hard in the garden. You go into the kitchen as your thirsty. The sun shines through the kitchen window and there is a wooden chopping board with a lemon on it and a serrated knife. You pull the knife through the lemon and the juice sprays glisten as they hit the light through the window. You take half of the lemon, hold your head back and squeeze the juices into your mouth. You swirl the sharp flavours around your mouth and under your tongue as your mouth fills with saliva.

Now this is just imaginary, you know that it is, but imagine it anyway. Close your eyes, use all of your senses. Feel the warmth of the sun. Feel the waxy texture of the lemon, see the dimples and the shine on its skin, taste the citrus sharpness.

Did your mouth fill with saliva? The power of our imagination will cause reaction.

Now understand that through a process of hypnotic suggestion, from gastric bypass consultation through to surgery and the trip home again, you can leave the clinic with your subconscious  fully on board. Hypnotherapy works!

You feel fuller quicker, eat less, choose the correct foods and lose weight, without a single stitch.

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Intention is nothing without action