Get fit for 2015


Plan of Action

Its time to ensure New Years resolutions come true!

Many people start with so much enthusiasm and passion that they believe that they “Have got this!!” But its not unreasonable to accept that sometimes we need a little help. Its about this time of year when we recognise that this might be the case!

You have not accepted defeat!! “You will not accept defeat!!”

Working alongside a personal trainer brings added commitment to secure your goals are achieved. Matt My Trainer uses “Cream of the crop” moves that hit the spot and quite simply “bring results faster”

We will start in line with your current fitness levels & experience. Progress, educate & adapt.

 But understand this: If it’s not working for you right now, it does not mean its time to quit: it means its time to change.

Personal Training provides the knowledge and support to gain results, Matt has a diploma in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, its time to get focused both in body and mind utilising factual key secrets to ensure you get in the zone.

I.e. We know how to flood the body with the hormones you are looking to release, while recruiting various muscle fibres in turn maximising your metabolic rate, increasing lean muscle fast or decreasing body fat dependant on your goals, we construct moves that shock the system to adapt quicker. We can activate more muscle fibres in 5 minutes than you might of done in 20! These are a few of the secrets to your success! We can ensure that you work to a level that releases serotonin the feel good hormone so that you leave feeling wonderful! All of this backed up with an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement. Every single muscle cell feels alive as it fills with dopamine, your body’s natural endorphins enabling you to realise you enjoy exercise and the results it brings! Mind Body and Soul.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, we don’t need to pound the treadmill for 45 minutes. Try boxing, TRX suspension training, find you passion for kettlebells as you strip fat faster! Get stuck into German Volume Training as you get gains quicker! The options are vast, and the choices are yours.

So if you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got!

Its time to recognise that a helping hand can make a whole heap of difference.


What have you got to lose? Book today!