Hypno has absolutely superseded my expectations.

Many people come for Hypnotherapy for many reasons. From smoking cessation to phobias, stress release, depression to goal setting. No matter what they come for, everyone enjoys an overwhelming sense of relaxation, euphoria.. an anaesthetised tranquil state of bliss!

imageIt seems funny to me, the amount of people who come through the door and say they are nervous! I set their mind at ease and they always agree  that their was nothing to be nervous about. There really aren’t many more relaxing scenarios to compare.  I have never to date, turned anyone into a chicken ; )

One of my favourite attributes to hypnosis is no matter what the client has come for, they leave with a huge array of added extras in the mix. Its always nice to hear how a client that came to cure a phobia is now sleeping better then they have slept for many years!

To simply visit this relaxed state brings the client from one state of mind to another (all would be explained further in therapy) the by-products of relaxing in this way are vast and life changing, and so often overdue.

I remember studying to become a Hypnotherapist, and I had the same view even back then as so many do now. “Does this work?”  I studied hard and spent a whole lot of money and time to do so.. “This better work!”

The results have absolutely superseded my expectations.

Hypnotherapy is no airy fairy magical mystical mind trick. The job of our subconscious is to turn our every intention into reality. While Hypnotised (and all that needs to mean to you is: while our conscious mind is relaxed) the subconscious mind takes the driving seat. Through suggestion, positive programming and utilising our imagination as a fantastic tool for positive transformation, anything you ask of is submitted to the subconscious mind. You are now susceptible to the solutions while your Anterior cingulate cortex (the secretary of your brain) does everything in its power to deliver the results.

Your own internal recourses are enhanced: Determination, Relaxation, Positivity, Confidence, Happiness, Self worth, Clarity of mind… The list goes on.

We often get stuck in a rut. The unfortunate thing is that we can be stuck there for a very long time unless we make a change. Hypnotherapy makes that change and life goes on.

You may look back and be so pleased with the change that you made back then.

Hypnotherapy works!