Pre and post competition

Pre competition prep/problems & post comp blues.

Competing on stage takes extreme dedication that can often come with consequences.

Competitors push themselves physically and mentally to levels that many would not find possible. It really is an outstanding achievement to be able to display your hard work on stage, an incredible feet of dedication hard work and commitment. No matter where you place, hold your head high!

People step on stage for so many reasons, maybe to find confidence where someone once destroyed it, to be the best role model for their children, to display a passion for a chosen lifestyle, the friends you make in the industry, to create a business, a hobby, enhance careers, create memories…the list is endless, sometimes personal, often passionate and always inspiring.

Passion imprints deeply into the hippocampus of the brain. The rewards from competing are many. However we must be aware of the negatives that can be ingrained deeply into the mind.

Pre comp issues include but are not limited to;

fatigue, insomnia, confidence, dietary issues, food cravings, hunger, short temper, binge eating leading to guilt, self esteem issues, comparison to others, comp obsession, stage shock, relationship issues, tension, paranoia, insecurity, hunger, irrational behaviour.  Carb cutting will cause stress and test the closest of couples. Social media pressures and more..

Post comp issues include but are not limited to:

Initial euphoria for a short term period, then post comp blues, lack of direction and focus, social media pressures, all sorts of dietary issues including binge eating, possibly leading to eating disorders for some, body confidence issues as your body changes, realising the body you were on stage with is not sustainable long term, health issues following a severe and restricted diet and some women suffer long term hormonal issues and lack of periods.

Another very real situation is when someone preps for a show and spends a fortune on coaches, outfits, tans, hotels etc and then they don’t place, for some it can be totally devastating beyond the finances, leading to depression, feelings of not being good enough.


I can offer pre and post competition psychotherapy and hypnotherapy support… get in touch today.

Remember what it took for you to step on stage.  Hold your head high with pride and self worth.

These are the things memories are made of!


Intention is nothing without action