Personal Training

Personal TrainingPersonal Training gives you the edge, expertise and dedication, to get the absolute maximum payback out of everything you deliver to the fitness lifestyle.

Personal Training Is adapted to the individual. Let’s start by clearing up the biggest misconception, “I’m not fit enough to have a Personal Trainer!” Our motivation is matched by your own aspiration. We will work at your pace initially, gradually increasing the range and intensity of your exercise program until you become fitter and therefore more confident and ultimately more ambitious.

On the same note, don’t think that you are too fit for a Personal Trainer! “We can push you harder!” When I need an edge I have Personal Training. I can promise you, it’s more fun and I work harder! Top athletes have personal training.

We will create a structured program designed specifically for you, your fitness levels and requirements. We will work side by side specialising in a variety of techniques and training styles, in turn increasing your self motivation by gaining measureable results.

Where we come on in Leaps & Bounds

We differ from other trainers by offering you a choice of staff dedicated to achieving your goals! Leaps & Bounds will make you feel supported with our expertise behind you every step of the way. Gain the absolute maximum payback for the effort you put in! Now everything you set out to achieve becomes a team effort!

We are motivators not monsters!

Our commitment is to make Personal Training an enjoyable experience, while proving that living the fitness lifestyle certainly will be. With effort from yourself and the dedication of your own Personal Trainers results will be achieved and the fitness lifestyle is yours, to keep.

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