Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy has enjoyed a high success rate with smoking cessation and stopping smoking is one of the most common reasons why people consult hypnotherapists. To date 27/10/2015 I have treated around about 450+ for smoking cessation. From the feedback I have received, my guess is that it has been above a 90+ % success rate.




After the session is over, smoking is simply something that you used to do. Something that you will simply refuse to ever do again.

When quitting smoking, it’s best not to dwell on negative aspects such as ill health, but instead to aim for positive outcomes such as good health, fitness, freedom and energy. With so many positives, its time to stop putting cigarettes on a pedestal!

Smoking cessation only tends to take one session, the success rate is very high. However, if a follow up session is required, within the crucial 30 day period, there is no extra charge.

This could be the most crucial call you ever make.