The power of a goal!

Are you training half heartedly or at full throttle!? When we have a strong goal the difference can be phenomenal!

So how do we solidify our goals?

• First, choose your goal. Set a measurable timeframe. Choose something that is hard yet achievable. Set it today!!

• We must set our goals as though the outcome IS inevitable. Providing our goal is within the realms of possibility, we can see, unarguably, that with 100% intent, with 100% commitment we WILL achieve whatever we set out to achieve! It’s just a matter of doing it. It’s time to get the job done and you will do whatever it takes to succeed. Now you are 100% on board. 

• Now you’re on board, you will find your drive for success. What do you need to achieve? What are your tools? What is your game plan? Maximise your success with a personal trainer.

 We don’t get in a taxi without knowing where we are going! 

• You can strengthen your intent by seeing success as a real possibility “by seeing success” And the more clearly you see that the goal you’re aiming for is actually a real and attainable possibility then the more you are able to strengthen you intent. Once you commit yourself, your focus increases tenfold as a by-product.

• When you solidify your intent 100% then ALL of you is on board. ALL of you is going for gold. 100% dedication is now inevitable!

• It is always worth remembering that you do retain ultimate control over your actions. Which means that in every moment you have the power to choose what you do. So that in every moment you can choose to act in a way which leads you to success, you can choose to think in a way which leads you to success. You can choose to commit yourself for success.

• We will only activate ourselves fully with the correct internal recourses, these include: Commitment, dedication, motivation.

• Choose your goal, as though achieving it is matter of fact!