Fab, fab, fab session this morning. Well thought out beforehand, plenty of positive comments and encouragement throughout. Really boosted me up ‘n’ over the self-doubt that crept in half-way through the session. Just what I needed to get me back on track after being away for several weeks. Beast mode well and truly switched on. Bring on the burpee jog laps – oh hang on, what am I saying? Scrub that last comment, forget I ever mentioned it…………


Mattmytrainer has helped me so much with my fitness outlook, losing weight and setting achievable but challenging goals. Training is fun and varied. As someone who was very overweight and scared stiff at the thought of setting foot in a gym…strongly recommend giving mmt a call. The stones have slipped away and I genuinely feel a happier, healthier person…fab investment and life changer!

Nicola Tucker

Feeling amazing after almost 10 weeks of PT sessions with Matt, lost almost a stone and can definitely see more definition! Looking more toned and feeling full of energy. Matts sessions are always different so I’ve never felt like I’m doing the same old workout, hard work but def worth it!! Bring on the next 10 sessions!


Dont even know where to start with Matt but he has literally changed my life! I smoked for around 12 years between 20/30 a day tried many different ways of trying to quit but motivation or willpower was never my strong point. Until I had hypnotherapy with Matt he literally changed my way of thinking… I am now 5 weeks smoke free and I will NEVER go back to being a smoker. As a result of giving up I tunneled my vision into training instead and now train with Matt once a week after never exercising previously I am really feeling a massive difference. Im going to have hypno for healthy eating because I struggle with my diet and I know once ive conquered that ill be on a much better path to reaching my goal.. “being comfortable in my own skin!” My children will also benefit from these achievements because their mum doesnt smoke anymore and may actually be able to run around with them and be a mum they can be proud of! So thank you Matt I owe you an awful lot

Nat Summerill

This man really knows how to get results fast, and is so encouraging . I actually now enjoy going to the gym and have seen amazing results in my fitness, confidence and body , thanks so much keeping me in the zone xx

Emz Collett

As a bigger girl I was really worried about asking for help from a personal trainer…..however Matt made me feel at ease at once and not only is he helping me loose weight he has given me self belief that I can be the person I wanna be.
I had my first hypnotherapy session today and to be honest went in feeling rubbish but I have come out feeling amazing,postive and all I can say is watch this space 🙂

Danii Morgan

A week ago I gave up smoking all thanks to Matt Searle for hypnotherapy. I smoked for 12 long years and it was definitely time to give up! Im so proud of myself after several failed attempts I have finally cracked it and I feel amazing!! Thank you for all the support from my friends and family… I am officially smoke free

Hollie Maria

Well I was very worried to go for hypnotherapy as wasn’t sure if it would change my thought process or make me feel any different. I can honestly say i feel so different and positive after just one session, it’s amazing I walked out that room feeling completely different! every body needs to give it a go it not just for bad habits.